I had spoken to like 5 other attorneys about my case and no one said I had any chance! Kyle met with me on a Saturday, listened to what I had to say, and prepared a motion with the court soon after. And guess what>?????…..we WON!. Thank you so much Kyle. You are the best.

- Kyle is SUPERMAN!

Excellent attorney! Very compassionate and sympathetic yet thorough and honest about my case. He did not bs me with fake promises, he gave it to me straight so I knew exactly what to expect and how to prepare. He is an attorney of the people, he was very helpful with his fees and worked with me not like other attorneys in L.A. or Westwood that rip you off and promise the world, Attorney Kyle Puro is a real kind of guy, a very unique type of attorney and I’m a dad, usually dad’s don’t get the same equal opportunities in the court system as mothers do. I was very pleased with the outcome of my case! I highly recommend this guy!

- A no B/S kind of Attorney, an Attorney of the people!

“I was falsely accused of sexually abusing my oldest teenage daughter. She was on meth, running away, and on Facebook all the time. The DCFS attorney and minor’s counsels were very aggressive in trial trying to keep me from my younger daughter. Kyle cross examined my teenage daughter and the social worker. He made them look stupid. The Judge dismissed the case. If it were not for Kyle, I would not be able to have meaningful relationship with my precious daughter. Hire Kyle if you want an attorney who really cares.”

- Anonymous

“I was falsely arrested for domestic violence. Kyle handled my case and set me up with the right criminal lawyer. I got my criminal case dismissed and after a long battle in Dependency Court won custody of my daughter back. The social workers for DCFS were so rude and stupid. Kyle taught me how to talk and think like a social worker to win my daughter back.”

- Brian- West Hollywood

“Kyle is a very passionate divorce lawyer. He helped me understand the strengths and weaknesses in my case. In court, he stood up for my rights and helped me gain 50/50 custody of my son. He has was very good in the courtroom.”

- Brad- Long Beach, CA

“I was laid off a year ago and got divorced at the same time at 64 years old. I was in Pro Per and getting bullied by the ex-wife’s attorney. Kyle went to a settlement conference and fought to accomplish my goals. My wife’s lawyer was screaming at him and trying to bully him and he remained calm and in the end got the deal done because of his cool demeanor. I was able to plan out my retirement and life because of his guidance.”

- Steve-Huntington Beach

Kyle is an exceptional attorney. He is aggressive, passionate, knowledgeable and honest. He has a great go-getter attitude. I highly recommend him. Thank you Kyle!!

- Short, sweet and to the point.

Mr. Puro is very knowlegable in family law matters. He dymistifies the legal progress and makes it simple to understand. Mr. Puro is very passionate about reaching resolutions of justice. I feel comfortable discussing details of my case with him. Available on call. Truly he is the shining star in the sky of lawyers.

- Makes Law Simple to Understand

am a very low income mother of 3, who was desperately seeking counsel, I have had 4 attorneys each of them ripping me off, I thought I had no hope when I finally got connected with Attorney Kyle Puro who helped me undue a restraining order and get custody of my children, I saved money by trusting him and letting him lead my case, and now I have my children with me, we are a healthy happy family that saved so much money! Thank you Kyle Puro!

- Attorney Kyle R. Puro is an excellent, compassionate, diligent, resourceful attorney!

I was a bit hesitant to fully trust Kyle Puro since he seemed so young, but I was so wrong and learned about never judging a book by its cover. I stand corrected, Kyle’s youth paid in his passion for his cases and clients! He was aggressive and diligent; he knows the Law very well and helped me in my case. My ex-wife was not a nice lady and usually women get all the right but I am happy to say, Attorney Kyle Puro fought for me and I have my two girls with me most of the time, and saved so much money and time by trusting this young attorney, I’m excited to follow his career!

- A happy father who trusted a younger attorney Kyle Puro and won his case!

My son was unjustly taken from me by DCFS. I could not afford an attorney and was appointed Kyle Puro. My son was in a foster home and I had little hope of reuniting with him. Kyle was very aggressive, listened to my questions, and communicated with me in a compassionate way. Kyle went above the call of duty and worked with during his lunch break to prepare for trial. Kyle won my trial and my trial and my son is back home where he needs to be.

- Juvenile Dependency Lawyer

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