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What Are the Best Tips for Hiring a Family Law Attorney in California?

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At the Law Offices of Kyle R. Puro, our family law attorney in Long Beach, California knows that major life decisions unfold in our office, and none of those personal choices should be left to chance by partnering with a lawyer who is not the right fit for your needs....

How to Get the Right Judge at the Edmund D. Edelman Children’s Court

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Be prepared to walk into the Los Angeles Superior Court Edelman D. Edelman Children’s Court for the first time. This morning, I was waiting on the first floor lobby for the detention calendar. That is the list of children being brought into court for the first time and what courtroom...

Los Angeles County Ex Parte Procedures for Temporary Emergency Custody

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I want to Ex Parte with You  I am constantly receiving calls from parents who want to rush into court on an emergency basis to change custody.  Generally, to establish or change a child custody order, it requires a parent to file a Request for Order (RFO) with California Judicial...