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Family Law Attorney In Downey, California

At the Law Offices of Kyle R. Puro, our family law attorney in Downey, California focuses on issues involving family relationships, including adoption, divorce, child custody and support, child dependency, and DCFS and Child Protective Services cases, just to name a few.

Our wide-ranging family law practice areas allow us to represent clients throughout Los Angeles County who are facing difficult realities that may be out of their control, so we can provide straightforward answers and focused solutions that give them the confidence they need to persevere. We can do the same for you.

The Law Offices of Kyle R. Puro Downey, California Family Law Attorney Practice Areas

Our Downey family law lawyers represent clients in family court proceedings or related negotiations and will also draft important legal documents including court petitions or property agreements, allowing them to resolve a variety of life-changing issues without delay, so they can move forward.

Our Downey, California family law lawyers practice areas include:

Downey DCFS and Child Protective Services Lawyer

When clients are facing the Department of Child and Family Services, they are going to endure significant challenges that feel as though the system is designed for them to fail. Without an experienced DCFS attorney in Downey, it will be very difficult to counter the allegations waged against you or provide the evidence you need to get your children back into your home where they belong.

Our Child Protective Services Attorney in Downey spent many years before starting the Law Offices of Kyle R. Puro as a court-ordered lawyer for the Los Angeles Dependency Lawyers, Inc. representing parents involved in the Los Angeles County Foster Care System.

Our family law office uses that extensive experience inside and outside the courtroom to produce results for our clients, so their kids are not left dangling in the system and can find their way home sooner than later.

Downey Child Dependency Lawyer

Our child dependency attorney in Downey knows these cases are very difficult to establish, maintain and pursue success without an attorney.

If your child was taken away from you and forced to live in a foster home, you could risk losing them to the foster care system, and your child dependency case in California will remind you each day that is the case.

If you are involved in a child dependency case, we must pursue solutions right away, or the courts will begin to draw their own conclusions about the future of your children, and the social worker who investigated your home will be happy to provide any details necessary to keep you from getting your kids back.

Do not let the California Child Dependency Count intimidate you. Our experienced child dependency lawyer in Downey will help you face the social workers, court staff, and Judge with confidence, so together we can get your kids back where they belong: At home with you.

Our family law attorneys in Whittier also represent clients who need legal representation in the following practice areas:

Domestic Violence Attorney in Downey, California

Domestic violence seriously endangers the well-being of families across California. If you have suffered abuse from an intimate partner, including a spouse, current or previous partner, someone you live with or used to live with, or your child’s other parent, our domestic violence attorney in Downey will help you apply for a temporary and then permanent restraining order, so you feel safe going forward.

In the State of California, abuse is categorized as physically hurting or trying to hurt someone, sexual assault, intimidation through threats or promises to harm, harassment, stalking, disturbing another’s peace or destroying another’s personal property.

Domestic violence penalties are designed to hold the abuser accountable and give the abused an opportunity to move forward with their lives free from harm, so they can start anew. At the Law Offices of Kyle R. Puro, our family law lawyer in Downey wants to help you get the fresh start you deserve.

Divorce Attorney in Downey, California

If you are considering a divorce and have fewer answers than questions, our divorce lawyer in Downey can help you make sense of the seemingly difficult process of filing for divorce or responding to papers that were served to you.

No matter which side of the divorce you are on, many difficult decisions must be made before the process can be finalized. The property must be divided, including assets and debts, and decisions must be made about spousal support and whether alimony is something one spouse deserves from the marriage’s dissolution. If there are children involved, the proceedings become infinitely more challenging.

Our divorce attorneys in Downey caution our clients from believing that their spouse is going to make decisions that represent their best interests, simply because it’s the right thing to do. The reality of divorce is that each spouse is on their own and will solely appeal to their attorney to produce the best outcome for their personal needs.

Our experienced Downey divorce lawyers work for our clients and leave no detail to chance when compiling their case to ensure we are pursuing the best outcome available for their unique circumstances.

Downey, California Spousal Support Attorneys

At the Law Offices of Kyle R. Puro, our divorce lawyers in Downey provide representation for both sides of a marriage’s dissolution, which means we can fight for you to get the spousal support you deserve, or help you prove that rewarding an exorbitant amount is not warranted, based on the rest of your divorce filing’s details.

Our spousal support attorney in Downey focuses on securing the results our clients need to move forward with their lives confidently by getting or saving the financial resources they deserve.

Many elements must be proved to secure or object to spousal support, and our dedicated lawyers will focus on the specific outcome our clients desire.

Downey Child Custody Lawyer

Our divorce attorney in Downey understands that ending your marriage means creating a plan to remain in your children’s lives, if not gain custody of them altogether.

Once your divorce is underway, everyone — including the courts — attention will focus on the best interests of the children, which means you are going to need an experienced child custody attorney in Downey to ensure your chances do not fall short.

We can help provide the argument you need to remain involved in your children’s lives, so you never have to miss their most important moments.

Child Support Attorney in Downey, California

With the subject of child custody comes child support. Your kids should never suffer financially because their parents are divorcing.

While there are guidelines used by the California Courts to calculate child support, Judges can use their discretion when determining the exact amount you will either pay or receive based on the parenting plan that is outlined in the divorce settlement.

Our child support attorney in Downey will focus on what is fair for the children, so their financial future is not left to chance.

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Downey, California provides ample employment opportunities for just over 112,000 residents, including jobs in healthcare, retail outlets, and education.

The largest employers in Downey, California include:

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Frequently Asked Questions For Our Downey Family Law Attorneys 

Not necessarily. If you and your spouse can amicably agree to the details of your divorce, in what is called an uncontested case, you may not need to have the court hear your case. Instead, the case can be handled by mail or by brief contact with the judge or the judge’s clerk.

If the parents cannot come to a child support agreement in mediation, the court will rely on the California guidelines that consider the monthly incomes of both parents, the number of children needing support, and other factors to determine a fair child support order.

Each California divorce is unique, so the time it takes to finalize the details will differ for each couple. Complex divorces, including high-conflict or high-asset divorces, typically take much longer to finalize, as more details must be agreed upon. Other issues affecting a case’s complexity include child support, visitation rights, and child custody.

At the Law Offices of Kyle R. Puro, our family law attorney in Long Beach will discuss the details of your case, including how long you have been married, if you have children, and what your goals are in finalizing your divorce. We will also answer any questions you might have and address any concerns regarding your situation.

Child support is paid until the child turns 18 under California law,. If the child is still attending high school full time and is unmarried, the time extends to 19. Under special circumstances, including care of a child with special needs, the court may order child support to continue after the child is an adult.

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