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Family Law Attorneys in Whittier, California

At the Law Offices of Kyle R. Puro, our family law attorney in Whittier, California is dedicated to producing results for our clients, because we know their personal legal problems are consuming every moment of their lives each minute they do not have solutions to move forward.

Our Los Angeles County communities deserve skilled legal guidance when their families have been torn apart by divorce and child custody conflicts or when social workers force their children out of their homes and into foster care.

Our clients are overwhelmed by family law circumstances that create more questions than answers, and our Whittier family law lawyers want to help them reach the results they need to confidently move forward with their cases, so they can get their lives back.

Family Law Attorneys In Whittier

The Law Offices of Kyle R. Puro Family Law Attorney In Whittier Practice Areas

Working with an experienced family law lawyer in Whittier allows our clients to seek the best outcome available for their unique circumstances.

Each of our clients has a unique need, and no two family law requirements are the same. The courtrooms and staff are different, and each family’s physical and emotional needs are different.

Our family law attorneys in Whittier will review each of our client’s personal circumstances and listen to their goals, so we can develop a strong case that produces results.

The Law Offices of Kyle R. Puro family law lawyers in Whittier practice areas include:

Divorce Attorney In Whittier, California

Throughout the United States, 3.6 out of every 1,000 married couples get divorced each year. Most of those divorces occur within the first eight years of marriage. That typically means divorced couples have small children and many complex arrangements they need to focus on to ensure their futures are safeguarded physically, emotionally, and financially.

Our divorce attorney in Whittier is dedicated to listening to our clients’ complete needs. That means outlining their objectives from end-to-end, so no detail is left to chance.

When our Whittier divorce lawyers represent clients with children, we know the complexities of their cases become personal, which is why we compassionately approach the parental facts associated with their case, so they can pursue swift results and their families can move forward.

Whittier, California Spousal Support Lawyer

At the Law Offices of Kyle R. Puro, our spousal support attorney in Whittier will review your financial standing to identify your need for financial support while the divorce proceedings are underway and after they are final.

Many factors determine how — and how much — spousal support is awarded to one spouse and can include whether you left your career to raise the children or if you can return to work without delay.

Conversely, if you are the spouse who will be required to make spousal support payments, our divorce lawyer in Whittier will review your and your spouse’s financial circumstances to mitigate the financial losses you are facing.

Child Custody Attorneys In Whittier, California

Our divorce attorneys in Whittier will begin to outline your child custody requirements during our initial meetings, as their best interests will lead our case.

Our child custody attorney in Whittier knows how important your kids are to you, and the idea of splitting their time with the other parent may feel too overwhelming to think about. The truth is, the courts focus on both parents being involved in their kids’ lives, so cooperation is ultimately going to be the key to your overall success.

Parenting plans can be difficult to establish, but with the help of our experienced Whittier family law attorneys, we can provide a no-nonsense approach to an equitable agreement that will keep the decision-making control with the parents, instead of the courts.

Whittier, California Child Support Lawyers

Financial care is the cornerstone of your children’s quality of life. Our child support attorney in Whittier will explain how the court reviews your and your spouse’s financial standing and applies it to the California child support calculator guidelines.

Our clients must know that the judge can use his or her discretion to change those parameters, which can lead to an unfair outcome for either party.

We will outline your specific needs and those of each child, including education, healthcare, extra-curricular activities, and miscellaneous financial requirements, so they can continue to enjoy the quality of life they are accustomed to.

Domestic Violence Attorneys In Whittier, California

At the Law Offices of Kyle R. Puro, our domestic violence attorney in Whittier knows there are two people involved in an intimate partner relationship and when one hurts the other physically, emotionally, financially, or sexually, the harmful circumstances can qualify as domestic violence that leads to criminal charges.

If you have been accused of domestic violence and would like to share your side of the story with our Whittier family law lawyer, we are here to outline the circumstances of your case, so you can get a fair hearing. This is especially true if you are in the middle of a divorce, as the charges can harm your ability to gain custody of — or even visitation rights with — your children.

If you have suffered harm from an intimate partner, including a current or former spouse, partner, or someone you live or lived with, we can help get you the protection you deserve in the form of a temporary and/or permanent restraining order.

Whittier, California DCFS and Child Protective Services Lawyers

At the Law Offices of Kyle R. Puro, we have talked about the troubles our Child Protective Services attorney in Whittier encounters with social workers, courtroom staff, and conservative judges before. If your children have been removed from your home for any reason, it is going to be an uphill battle to get them back.

The foster care system is not designed to be fair to the parents, even though each aspect of your home life should be considered before your children are removed. Sometimes, even an allegation of neglect, abuse, or other lack of care can lead to a kid’s removal from the home and that is not a reasonable use of our city’s resources.

Our family law attorney in Whittier fights for our clients and challenges the evidence the state presented to remove their children, so we can focus on reuniting families who deserve to be together.

Child Dependency Attorneys In Whittier, California

Juvenile dependency cases are very serious, and our clients need more than just advice on how to get their children back home. They need an aggressive approach to proving their children belong with them, and not in foster care.

Our child dependency attorney in Whittier focuses on the facts in your case and presents compelling arguments that focus on reuniting parents with their children during their hearings.

Our clients are often surprised to learn there are several different hearings they must participate in to prove they deserve to have their children back in their home, including a detention hearing, jurisdictional hearing, and dispositional hearing.

Our Whittier family law lawyers will prep you for each segment of your case to pursue the preferred outcome of reuniting you with your kids.

Our family law attorneys in Whittier also represent clients who need legal representation in the following practice areas:

A Strong Economy Provides Substantial Employment Opportunities in Whittier, California

Whittier, California is home to over 86,000 residents who deserve quality family legal care when they are making decisions about their personal futures.

The largest employers in Whittier, CA include:

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Frequently Asked Questions for our Family Law Attorneys In Whittier

A legal separation requires determining the same issues and procedures as a divorce, including child custody, visitation, and support, as well as the assets and debt distribution. Each spouse’s rights and obligations are legally defined, but the result is NOT divorce. When a couple is legally separated, but not divorced, they are not permitted to marry another person.

All marital or community property owned by both spouses will either be divided by an agreement made within the divorce agreement or by a Judge’s decision. Assets listed for division may include but are not limited to the property the couple acquired during the marriage like their marital home, and any other properties, home furnishings and appliances, artwork, vehicles, investments, pensions, and privately-owned businesses.

Possibly. The answer to this question is unique to each marriage, and whether the spouses are willing to undergo divorce mediation that fully settles the terms of their divorce. so they can come to an agreement that can simply be signed off on by a judge.

Yes. The courts frown heavily upon any attempt to hide assets during divorce proceedings and may issue an outcome that directly counters the spouse’s preference to keep those assets to themselves. Simply put, if you are caught being untruthful about your assets during a divorce, the judge may rule heavily in your spouse’s financial favor.

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