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Having a family law case can consume your entire life. Whether you have a divorce case, paternity, child custody, spousal support, child support, or domestic violence, you need to know your legal rights. Being involved in the family law system can be very harsh and have long term ramifications. Making an informed and calculated decision about your family law case based on the guidance of an experienced Long Beach family law attorney will maximize the amount of time with your children and your family’s resources. Long Beach family law lawyer, Kyle R. Puro is an experienced and accomplished divorce attorney that understands the personal stresses and stakes involved in a case. Whether it is in your interest to litigate your family law case in front of the judge or come to a compromise with your former spouse, you need legal advice that is given considering your best interest. Instead of telling you what you want to hear, Long Beach family law attorney Kyle R. Puro tells you what you need to hear to help make the tough decisions.

Long Beach Family Law Attorney Kyle R. Puro

If you are accused of child abuse or neglect, you can be assured the DCFS or CPS will aggressively pursue the allegations. This entire process is one of the most emotional in the legal system because it involves your children. The investigations, court dates, discourteous and demanding social workers, and court ordered programs can chew you up and spit you out. At such times, you need a Long Beach family law lawyer to competently guide you so your children come home. Long Beach family law Attorney Kyle R. Puro has successfully defended hundreds of parents involved in the foster care system and helped put their families back together. Additionally, Long Beach divorce lawyer Mr. Kyle Puro has the experience of working as a minor’s Long Beach family law attorney, representing abused and neglected children.

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Few Long Beach dependency lawyers understand or have any practical experience in Dependency Law. Long Beach family law attorney Kyle R. Puro has fought against social workers and the court system and won big legal victories. His victories in the Court of Appeals against overzealous social workers and conservative judges have confirmed his defense approaches work. Dependency and Family Law share some of the same laws and have hybrid issues. Once a dependency case is terminated from Dependency Court, custody orders are issued and a judgment is sent to the family law court. Kyle R. Puro’s unique experience and understanding of both systems provide for strategic planning of your legal child custody objectives.

If you are found to have abused or neglected your children by the court, your battle has only just begun. Dependency court is one of the few systems that allow for multiple bites out of the apple of justice. After allegations are found true, you will be ordered to complete court-ordered rehabilitation programs and demonstrate that you can safely parent your child. These classes include substance abuse programs, drug testing, parenting classes, and 52-week domestic violence classes for perpetrators. Do not give up hope, get smart, and properly fight to get your kids back home.

We help people accused by DCFS or CPS of the following:

  • Physical Abuse of Children
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Human Trafficking of Children
  • Substance Abuse and Drug Abuse Accusations
  • Domestic Violence
  • Mental Health
  • Medical Neglect

At The Law Offices of Kyle R. Puro, our family law attorney in Long Beach, CA focuses on the following practice areas:

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When you are involved in a Long Beach divorce case your emotions can get the best of you. The transition of being married to single is an emotional journey. Before starting any journey in a divorce case it is always wise to understand the rules and the entire process. From the moment that you have a free consultation with Long Beach divorce attorney Kyle R. Puro, you will get down to the business of understanding your legal rights, the process, and costs. Your Long Beach divorce case will be given the attention that you need and deserve during this difficult time. Up until the end, our Long Beach divorce lawyer will be there to guide you and keep you focused on the end result.

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